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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Winter quilts are arriving...

The next Challenge Quilts are due at The Studio in 2 weeks when classes resume.  They are the Winter quilts in the Seasons Challenge.  Oh my goodness!  Some amazing work is being done in this challenge.  Di Pearson told me she has done 20 hours of stitching/embellishing/quilting on her masterpiece!  Watch this spot...

2012 Colour Challenge #4

Here they are...
the latest set of Challenge Quilts...STRIPES using light, medium & dark of any number of colours.  I feel these quilts each express something of the personality of the quilt artist...very interesting!  Go the side bar on the right to view enlarged views of each quilt.

Monday, 3 September 2012

The Seasons Challenge begins...

AUTUMN  These are the first quilts made in the new series.  Each person makes four quilts.  They choose the size and the techniques they use.

A challenge in this Challenge is that all four quilts should hang together as a set when finished.  They can be joined together by whatever method the Quilt Artist chooses or hang separately but as a set.

I am excited to see just how this pans out.  Each month I will present each person's new quilt with the ones they have already a set.  Yay!  Bring it on...

So here are the first ones in the set...Autumn.  Click on the page in the side bar to see enlarged photos of the quilts.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Here they are...Colour Challenge Quilts #3 - Two complementary colours of quiltmaker's choice

What a wonderful assortment...2 hand painted quilts...3 mixed media quilts...6 appliquéd quilts...2 traditional patchwork quilts...6 quilts using hand dyed fabrics...a visual feast.  Great work girls!  It's wonderful to see each quilt maker progressing in their own journey...experimenting & stretching & learning more and more about the magic of colour.
Go the side bar and click on 2012 Colour Challenge and scroll down to see detailed images of these exciting quilts.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Art Quilts displayed

The Red/Orange/Green set of Colourways Challenge Quilts are currently on display at Toormina LifeHouse Bargain in with a friend and show them off!

The Purple/Green set of Colourways Challenge Quilts are currently on display at a new venue
Isles Drive, Coffs Harbour

Sharon, the owner, is excited to be able to show our beautiful quilts.  They look great hanging alongside other beautiful art works.  This is a delightful shop/workshop/gallery full of light and space and the art works are amazing...well worth a visit.

Classes resume next week...

I've had a great break over the last two weeks.  I hope you have too and are feeling refreshed and ready to return to class for more fun, friendship and excitement!  I've spent time with some of my grandchildren and children, I've been to a 3 day art workshop and learnt lots more about COLOUR and I've been able to catch up with lots of bits and pieces in The Studio.  Some of the new Challenge quilts...Two Complementary Colours...are already on the display board and I'm excited to see the rest arrive.  So,  hoping to see you in The Studio next week...

"As BLACK As" Challenge Quilts Posted

And here is the last set of quilts in the 2011/2012 Art Quilt Challenge...As ??? As.  This set of quilts titled As BLACK As can be viewed in the right hand side bar.  Congratulations girls on a great effort over the last year.  It is an impressive set of quilts.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Colour Challenge Quilts ... Black & White plus one other colour

This is the beautiful collection of quilts in the 2012 Colour Challenge.  To see detailed images go the side bar and enjoy these amazing little quilts.  Congratulations girls!  I know it was challenging for some to work with this colour grouping but the results are wonderful.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Art quilts posted

As ROUND As Challenge quilts have been posted.  
For detailed view please click on title in right hand side bar.

Carolyn's travels...

Carolyn is taking leave from Studio classes to travel our magnificent country.  She writes...

1st May
"This pic was taken at our third campsite on the banks of the Maranoa.  I just keep marvelling at the colours out here, especially at sunrise and sunset like this one"

3rd May
"Pulled up in Mackinlay, miles from nowhere and stumbled across the Infinite Horizons quilt show on display in the little tin shed they call a hall here in the outback! Mackinlay is the home of the Walkabout Hotel which featured in the movie Crocodile Dundee. It was about 35 degrees in the shade so we didn’t hang around for too long."

It looks so idyllic Carolyn.  Enjoy.  Best wishes from all your friends.

Robyn's beautiful quilt

Robyn made this stunning quilt as an Engagement gift for her daughter and fiancé.  Lucky them!

Her next quilt is well under way and also a this space.

Donations to CAMP QUALITY

Jean and Jo have now made about 30 of these delightful little 'FAIRY BAGS' which have been donated to Camp Quality in Coffs Harbour.

When the children are attending Camps, they hang one of these bags on their bed and in the morning find the treasures the fairy has left for them in the night.

What a wonderful organisation!  ...adding happiness and fun to the days of children dealing with serious illness.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Recent Fabric Dyeing Day at The Studio

Wednesday March 21 was quite a cool day and overcast.  Not the ideal conditions for fabric dyeing but it wasn't windy or raining...both conditions chill the dye pots resulting in poorer colours.  It was a great day and 8 girls had an enjoyable, although exhausting,  experience. These results speak for themselves!  Enjoy your lovely fabrics girls.

Colour Challenge 2012 - Check out the February Quilts

The first Colour Challenge Quilts for 2012
Colour gradation using a secondary colour

What an exciting display of Art Quilts!  Two of the participants, Ruth & Robin, have made their first art quilts ever for this challenge...and I think they've enjoyed the challenge :-) 
The challenge here was to work with just one colour and use the tones & tints of that exact colour.  Yes, it was quite challenging but I think everyone has learnt more about the use of colour through this exercise. 
Well done everyone for such a fantastic set of quilts.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Charity quilt for Laos children by Tuesday class

The amazing and generous Tuesday class with their quilt 
Tracey is helping a friend who is raising money to install toilets for children in Laos.  Her friends in the Tuesday class are all helping to make this gorgeous quilt which will be sold at Auction...details to follow if you would like to buy it.  It will be nearly 2mts square.  This morning it was just a plan...then the girls arrived with black, white & red fabrics and the fun began...cutting...sewing...and by mid afternoon all this was on the design board.  What a great effort girls!  I'm so proud of you all.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Carolyn's off on adventures!

Carolyn enjoying her Birthday Club fabrics with a few friends
Last week the Thursday girls said goodbye to Carolyn.  She's going to be missed for the next 5 months as she explores our beautiful country...but I'm sure she'll keep that camera clicking and keep us updated on her travels.  As she travels, she's going to work on Paintbox Quilt by hand and hopefully will think of us each time she does some stitches.  Travel safely Carolyn.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Beneath the Southern Sky Exhibition

It is such a privilege and an honour to have had my quilt, Together, Sharing the Great South Land accepted as part of Brenda Gael Smith's Exhibition.  You'll be able to see the collection of 30 fantastic quilts at Exhibitions and Shows all around Australia and overseas.  The quilts are all 1mt x 40cm.

As Mad As Challenge quilts now on Blog

Christmas came and went...did you notice?!  I had such great plans to update blog over the holiday period but it didn't happen.  I did however, have lots of wonderful family time.  And unexpectedly bought a new computer.  I have spent a lot of time learning the intricacies of the Mac system and working with iPhoto.  I just love it all and I know it will save me time and frustration in the long run but it does mean that I am a little behind with putting Challenge quilts on the blog.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

Please check out the latest batch of quilts in the 2011/2012 As Mad As ... Challenge (in the side bar on the right hand side)